Big Bold Fashion… mission briefing.

Nothing in this world can be said that hasn’t been said before.

Most definitely true.

But what is also true is that here in the UK, fashion is a lucrative business. Much has been made of the size-zero generation, and of the obesity epidemic. Middle ground is hard to come by in this day in age – but simply what I’ve come to think over the last five years or so is that, as a size 16 in a world full of size 8’s, I feel slightly under-represented in our modern world.

But it’s not just the fact I’m a size 16. It’s the fact that I love fashion – high fashion and high-street fashion. It’s just a sad fact that plus sizes are often left to rummage the rails of dowdy, middle-aged shops in search of well-fitting clothes. In this way, it’s hard to understand how size 16 can possibly be the UK average when there are so little outlets producing size 16+ sizes.

Dowdy isn’t good enough. I spent many years settling for comfortable clothes before I realised that there wasn’t enough time in this life to be a wallflower. I wanted nice dresses, and weird t-shirts, and amazing shoes. I wanted to be seen and I didn’t care if people saw a fat person – as long as they saw a well-dressed fat person.  But there was one problem left to conquer – I wasn’t a millionaire.

And so I made it my mission to become a girl who dressed exactly how she wanted to – whilst remembering that money doesn’t grow on trees. But good cotton grows in fields and good, plus-size clothes are on the up. It IS possible to be a bigger person who wears great clothes and doesn’t break the bank.

And so nothing I’ve said is new. Nothing in this world can be said that hasn’t been said before. There are a million people out there doing the same thing as this, but this is my corner of the internet, and I will post pictures of clothes I love, sale news, and ways to stay on top without compromising money (or worse, yourself).

So stick with me if you want all of the above. But jog on if you’re a wallflower. There’s no place for you here.


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