I stole this T-shirt …from River Island.

I love River Island. They produce genuinely unique items in their stores (maybe something to do with not being part of Arcadia? Hmm…) and they’re not afraid to sell size 18’s. They also have a distinct style -almost like Topshop but usually not as try-hard (sorry Topshop!) and rarely as expensive.

I also love this t-shirt. On first look, it seems to be another of those wink-smiley-MSN-trigger-happy styles. But then you see what’s written at the bottom! Oh, I do so love provoking fashion! A good length too (covers your bum if you’re worried – but NOT long enough for just leggings.  Don’t even try it.) and although it says purple on the description, it is a VERY deep purple (no relation to the band). A good laugh, and at £15, it doesn’t cost the Earth either. Sizes 6-18 available.

I stole this t-shirt...from your boyfriend.

T-shirt - River Island, £15


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