Key piece: Evans Red Platforms

Block colours. They. Are. Everywhere. You can’t really avoid them, but why would you want to? They’re easy to wear and whatever colours you clash, it looks pretty cool (well, stay away from puke green and murky brown… can’t see that working too well….). So these shoes, from Evans – the holy temple of wide footwear – would look amazing clashed with just about any other colour. With Evans footwear, the general rule is to go down a size. I’m a size 7 everywhere else, but Evan’s shoes are so wide I can comfortably fit in a 6. As, as I have extremely wide flippers for feet, I find their shoes amazingly comfortable as well. And they go up to size 10 – very unusual for a high-street chain (I met a transvestite once who bemoaned that Evans had failed to listen to his pleas to make a size 10. Looks like Christmas has come early for this guy)

The platform sole on these beauties will allow you to dance all night, the block heel allow you to run for the bus or run away from the scene of a crime, and the colour will look great whether you are bare-legged and brave or tights-wearing and pessimistically-realistic (as I am).  £35. Sizes 4-10 in Extra Wide.

Evans heels - £35

Shoes - Evans, £35



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