Pick of the Day: Asos Clearance Laser Cut Dress

Here’s a little something to show you size 20-26 ladies that I love you. Asos new plus-size range, Asos Curve (sizes 20-26) has got some lovely items in the sale at the moment, including this wonderful bright orange dress.

It’s a strange length, so you’d have to wear with heels, I reckon… but the good news is is that it’s probably long enough to wear without tights should you so wish. The laser cut detail looks amazing. Wear with a bright clashing belt (which you can get from Primark for £1 or so) and you’ve got a winner on your hands (I’m thinking bright yellow. What do you think?)

Also, is it just me or does the bigger model look much better in this dress than the smaller one?

But that’s beside the point. The best part is it’s down from £45 to £16! That’s an extra £29 you can spend on whatever you like! Here are a few suggestions: driving lessons, helicopter lessons, a puppy, a donkey and starting your own taxidermy club. Available in sizes 20-26.


Dress - Asos Curve, £16


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