New style destination:

So, Evans have a sister site. Would it be silly of me to start off by saying that I don’t quite understand this website? It sells Evans clothes, uses the Evans website layout and stocks the same concessions as Evans… but it’s not Evans. It’s Style369.

I guess the biggest difference I can find is that are currently offering free delivery and returns, which is good if you had eyed up something on the Evan’s website but hadn’t wanted to pay the delivery charge.

So, in honour of celebrating a new plus size style destination (regardless of whether it is just Evans’ evil twin), buy these wonderful leather brogue ankle boots, which will go with everything!*  They’re not cheap at £65, but they’ll last you forever and a day**.  Sizes 4-10 in Extra Wide.

*Probably not.

** Maybe won’t

Boots - Evans, £65


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