Schamazing Style Steal of the Day: New Look Dandelion Dress

Finding it hard to say goodbye to summer? Optimistically and desperately still wearing your sunglasses on the train to work? Cutting out pictures of people smiling in the sunshine from magazines and quietly sobbing over them as you listen to James Morrison and Nelly Furtado sing their 2008 hit  ‘Broken Strings’ over and over?

If all of the above apply to you, you need to invest in some autumn florals. Think of them as a pessimistic nod to Spring fashion – except that things aren’t just beginning. They’re dying.

Haha, ok. On to the dress. This New Look Inspire dress has a pretty dandelion print all over it (which could double up as fireworks! Oh, hello, 5th November!) It’s black (so it doesn’t look like last season’s bright floral garb) and has a waist tie, so I reckon size 16’s would be able to wear it and still look flattering. It’s priced at a suprising £16.99, which, judging by the other clothes of the same range, may be a mis-price. Or it may fall apart on first wear. As we won’t know until you buy it, buy it and then email me telling me if and when the dress fell apart. Hopefully with a picture of you wearing the ruined dress, looking sad. I’m going to look at it whilst sobbing and playing ‘Broken Strings’. But not over and over. I have things to do, you see.

Dress, £16.99. Available in sizes 18-26.

Dress - New Look, £16.99


One thought on “Schamazing Style Steal of the Day: New Look Dandelion Dress

  1. I like it! It does look a bit like fireworks from far away. In my recent experience high street prices have gone completely haywire, especially New Look: some stuff is so expensive it makes me choke, and other stuff is still oddly cheap.

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