Do we heart these Asos print trousers?

My pick of the day is an odd one – partly because I’m going to point out two reasons why I am not happy with my choice.

Let’s start off with the product. I’m not a big fan of heart-shaped things and heart patterns really. But I can tolerate heart-prints when they are far off, and hence look like stars, or spots, or teeth. These trousers fall into this catergory – yes, they are hearts, but we can look past that as the pattern looks good when considered as a whole. They are also quite slim for harem trousers; something us lot should be thankful for.

So what are my two gripes?

GRIPE NO 1: The model. Are ASOS trying to tell me that this model is size 20? Doubt it. It probably does help that she’d be amazingly tall as well, as length generally sorts out width. But is she a size 20? No, she can’t be. Look at her twig arms! And then the question arises – why is she modelling for size 20+ trousers? Stop trying to con us, ASOS.

GRIPE NO 2: These trousers also come in the regular ASOS range…. at £10 less! No, it’s fine ASOS, we understand. You have to use more  material etc etc. Oh, so we can assume that the original selling price was different as well. It wasn’t? Just the sale price? Hmm.

Available in sizes 6-26 (albeit with a price difference). If you order from ASOS today before 5pm, you also get Free Next Day Delivery.

Trousers - £20, ASOS


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