Sale News: Next’s Two Day Sale Continues

Next’s sales are manic. We all know it, and for some reason we’ve all wrestled the last V-neck t-shirt out of some old woman’s hand. And then taken it back two days later. Because we didn’t want it in the first place. We just didn’t want the old woman to have it.

So you’ll all be pleased to know that the MANIC Next Sale continues online – where you don’t have to shove smelly, sour-looking people out of the way to get at anything. Just click, click, click!

The Next website is hardly a pioneer of accessibility. It staunchly maintains its catalogue-style buying experience, and generally shows pictures of people wearing the clothes instead of the item itself (strangely a pet hate of mine, I have just realised). Nevertheless, they have a HUGE size range at 6-28, and there’s bargains-a-plenty to be had in every size, as new stock has just been added – like these suede navy shorts – £65 down to £20. Although Next’s catalogue-style website does not provide any information about the item you’re buying, I’m guessing at £65, they’ll be real suede. Just a guess, though. Don’t shoot the messenger.

They’ll look ever so swish with this tie neck top (unfortunately modelled by a human. Grr) which is £12 down from £24. That’s an outfit for £32! Assuming you’re planning to go out barefoot, of course.

Shorts available in sizes 6-18.

Blouse available in sizes 6-20.

Shorts - Next, £20

Top - Next, £12


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