Style Destination: Me and Yu

I love this website. I’ve ordered from them three times, and each time they’ve been incredibly helpful – even going as far as making a t-shirt just for me as the colour I wanted had been discontinued. It’s run by two people called Angie and Gordon, and the personal nature of the company can be seen running through everything they do. Me and Yu’s designs are quirky – but not stupid for the sake of it, as a lot of ‘kooky’ fashion tends to be (“Ha! Look! There’s a carrot on this jumper!” Ok, I’ll be honest. I’d probably buy a carrot jumper.)

At Me and Yu, they have an oversize t-shirt section, and the t-shirts are huuuge. It doesn’t help that they use teeny models on the website, who literally drown in the tops. But for the chunkier person like me, the oversize t-shirts look great with a belt and leggings. I’ve got the t-shirt version of the top below, and it is lovely. The sleeves need to be rolled up, and if you’re a scruffy so-and-so, putting a stitch in each sleeve will keep it looking sharp.

I’d say the oversize tops would easily look great on those sizes 16-22. Have a look at the other photographs on the website here and see what I mean. Just remember the belt, girls!

If you want unusual designs and lovely customer service, have a look at this website.  One size (Oversize) – £22

T-Shirt - Me and Yu, £22


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