What I bought yesterday….

I went bananas yesterday. I literally bought everything in the world. I bought THE world. And everyone in it. You all now belong to me. But whilst we wait for my first-in-command (who happens to be Hugh Jackman. You didn’t think I’d pick someone normal looking, did you?!) to come up with menial chores for you all to do for the rest of eternity, let’s have a look through what I bought yesterday. Prepare yourselves.

First stop, La Senza. Now, I thoroughly believe you can’t go wrong with La Senza. They have a sale on at the moment, but apparently the locusts had been through it and all they bought were 38DD’s. So there was nothing left in my size. However, they did have a secret sale at the back of the shop, where I bought these lovely daisy bras in white and black. They were originally only £16, but they had lots of styles down to a tenner, and I’ve looked at these ones for ages. They also have oodles of knickers, all at £1.50 so I got myself a few pretty pairs, as you can see (sorry about the busy duvet cover – I don’t have a blank space in my house apparently).

Bras - £10 each, knickers - £1.50 each - La Senza

Next stop, Marks and Spencers. They also have a sale on, don’t you know, and there’s lots of lovely pieces in their Limited Collection currently in the sale.  I had to rummage (and elbow a few women and their respective gormless husbands out of the way) but I got my hands on these bargains. Firstly, a waterfall jacket originally £49.50 but down to £29. And for such a well-made jacket, I think thats a bit of a bargain. And it will go with everything, including these amazing bright red jeggings, which fit amazingly. These were £19 down to £12. A pair of jeans for £12? You heard right. As Marks and Spencer is generally made for, let’s be honest, the more mature lady, all their jeans have loads of stretch in – but it means they fit over everything. I don’t often buy jeans elsewhere as I’m generally disappointed. The jeggings come in black, dark green and purple too but I couldn’t find any of them. But there was loads of red left (what do you mean, old women can’t rock red jeans?!)

Blazer - £29, Jeans - £12, both Marks and Spencers

New Look was next on the agenda. I got two things, but unfortunately I only have one with me. I’ll explain why in a moment, but for now, here’s my non-offensive clash colours t-shirt that I got for £7, and will do me fine for work.

T-shirt , £7 - New Look

The second item is a dress I got in the Inspire range, and when I first saw it, I thought it was pretty hideous. BUT… I soon saw that with a few small alterations, it could look pretty cool. Now, I’m a size 16, so most of the Inspire range, which is size 18 upwards, doesn’t fit. But this dress (I’m using the websites stock photo to show you what I mean) was only £10 down from almost £30, and could look great with shorter sleeves (imagine taking it up to the first yellow line on the sleeves). The print is so busy that it doesn’t need the cumbersome elasticated sleeves. And before you ask, no, I’m not a seamstress, but my mum knows whats she’s doing. So she’ll do it for me. Ha. I’m going to wear it with black boots and a little black belt to tuck it all in. Sorrrrted.

Dress, £10 - New Look

Only bought one thing in Primark. This boxy, satin tee that will probably look good with plain trousers. Again, it’s a work item, but it was only £5.90 (Primark has lowered a few of it’s prices and this was one of them).

Top, £5.90 - Primark

No shopping trip is complete without a sojourn into River Island. I’ve had my eye on this Chelsea Girl dress for a while. It’s retro chic from afar as it looks like a simple geometric pattern – but look closer – they’re TVs! Eeee! I’m going to wear this clubbing. You heard it here first.

And last but not least, I blogged about these a while back and decided yeah, let’s go for it. Brogue boots! The very best in androgynous dressing. These are £65 (confusingly the label on the bottom says £69.50 – but I’ve known Evans to mis-price before) but Evans often do 20% off shoes events, so I’d wait for one of them. Alternatively, you can order them through Style369 or the Evans website and wait for a voucher code.

Boots, £65 - Evans

I told you I went bananas. And you didn’t believe me.


5 thoughts on “What I bought yesterday….

  1. Hey! You know, I love that Chelsea Girl dress but I will say that it is a tiny bit too long for me… apart from that though, it’s brill.

    And I love those brogue boots. Just wish I hadn’t bought so much yesterday… it was not a good day for my bank balance!

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