Bargain of the Day: Tesco’s Limited Edition Brushed Coat

After yesterday’s blog, I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Ever. Let’s be honest – I really can’t afford it. This blog was an effort (so far, entirely in vain) for me to fulfill my Hulk-like need to buy clothes – I buy way too much (see yesterday’s entry for reference) and I can’t afford to do it on the wage I currently earn.

So, I woke up this morning and realised, despite last weeks unseasonable heatwave, I was really chilly. Cold, in fact. It’s October – and it’s cold. And then I realised…. I don’t have a winter jacket. Sure – I don’t need it now, but what about the future?! Come Winter, I’ll have nothing to wear. I must remedy this. Immediately. Lest I freeze to death on the snowy moors of England.

And then I saw the light. Clothing at Tesco. 25% off coats and knitwear.


And I found it.

When I first scrolled through the website, I didn’t even see the coat. I saw it’s horrible camel-coloured twin.

Coat, £40 - Tesco

I can’t say I was blown away on first look. I imagined it would make you look like a giant walking teddy bear. But then I thought of our homegrown hero, Gene Hunt from Life On Mars. He’s all about the style and the camel coats and the white shoes which work oh-so-well for some reason. He’d wear this coat!

And then I saw it’s svelter brother. The black version. Ta da!

Coat, £40 - Tesco

And despite not looking twice at this item the first time I browsed the coat section, I realised that it would look swish with boots, heels,converse (a tall order for a coat), dresses and jeans. It looks unusual too – not a coat you’d see everyday. I’ve ordered it in a size 18 after reading reviews of other coats on the site (and I’ve got pretty big boobs, so I need the extra room). It’s available in sizes 8-20, and has 25% off at the moment making it a bargainous £30.

I guess it all depends on whether you want to look like Gene Hunt or Cruella De Vil. I surprised myself with my choice.

I’m going back to the dark side.


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