Matalan – The journey begins…

In my head, Matalan and TK Maxx are interchangeable. I hate TK Maxx. Therefore, illogically, I hate Matalan. It’s not a formula that is fair or reasonable, but it’s never really affected my life. I won’t go into why I hate TK Maxx… but it involves a soiled evening dress…

I remember going into Matalan once, when I was about seven years old. I remember seeing a big straw hat, and the rest is a haze. It’s not much to go on, so when I saw 20% discount on, I thought, OK, maybe it’s time to see the good things, and stop living in the dark abyss of TK Maxx memories….

From looking at the website, I was surprised. Not like a man-turning-up-at-your-house-late-at-night-with-a-knife-and-a-mongoose kind of surprise, but the good kind – like, oh-look-someone’s-left-a-treasure-map-in-this-old-copy-of-Jeffrey-Archer’s-first-novel kind of surprise.

They have some good stuff on the website. Take this suedette dress, available in sizes 8-18. Stylish and practical. Ok, not practical at all. But it’s lovely and a snip at £20, especially since the 20% off takes it to £16. And with the delivery at only £2, I think I might have to overcome my old prejudices and order a couple of things…

Dress , £20 - Matalan

And have a look at this mustard jumper. £18, or £14.40 with 20% off. You could buy a size bigger and do a good impression of someone who’s fallen into a jar of mustard – my preferred condiment look.

Jumper, £18 - Matalan


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