My pick of the Office Sale

You can often get more than a good bargain in Office’s sales. Although I can’t wear anything bigger than an inch heel (seriously, I fall over. Splat on the floor.) and nothing that doesn’t have an ankle strap (vertically, horizontally and dimensionally challenged. Basically I’m a shoe-spaz) it has never stopped me coveting beautiful shoes.

But who ever wants to pay full price? I’d always rather go for the slightly ugly £20 leather shoes than the amazing £300 ones. If you can’t make something work on the cheap, you wouldn’t be able to rock the expensive ones. And who wants boring shoes anyway? Who are you, Christine Bleakley?(Sorry, Christine. I actually think your slightly bland but functional dress sense has served you well. For instance, I do not have a footballer boyfriend. The joke is eternally on me.)

Enough chit chat! Let’s see some sale shoes!

Click on the pictures to see them in all their glory.

Shoes, £28 - Office Sizes 7 and 9 available.

These have coins on. Coins! Try walking past the dole queue in these. Sizes 7 and 9 available.

Shoes, £18 - Office

These’ll make you look like a court jester. But what schmuck made that a bad thing?! Sizes 3-8 available

Shoes, £35 - Office

[Insert mandatory black shoes here] Available in sizes 3, 5, 8 & 9.

Shoes, £28 - Office

Ok, they’re not as snazzy as the others, but the Autumnal colours will still work and the mid-heel will stop you stacking it like Mr. Blobby did at Noel’s house party when he did too many jagerbombs. Available in sizes 3-8.

Shoes, £42 – Office

Woah! I see a PEACOCK FEATHER! This is Rio Carnival in a shoe! Available in sizes 3-9.

As you can see, none of my choices are sensible. But fashion isn’t sensible. You guys aren’t sensible! As Flight Of The Conchords say, Fashion is danger!
 Now if you don’t mind, my lunch hour is over and I have to get back to work. One of us has got to be sensible.

2 thoughts on “My pick of the Office Sale

  1. Those ridiculous court jester shoes definitely need to be on my (ridiculous) feet. I’ve been looking for a pair of neutral flats that will go with every outfit and be work-appropriate… they’ll do, won’t they?!

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