Hide your credit card…. River Island Got a Sale going on…


Oh, damn. Just when I thought my bank balance could take a well-earned rest, I decided to log onto riverisland.com.

In an effort to bankrupt the rest of you and salvage what’s left of the shrapnel in my purse, can I tempt you into buying any of the below? Have a look. There’s coats, bags, trousers, hats…

Just so you all know, my colleagues all just walked in and started saying, “No, Sophie. Don’t buy anything else! Sales are bad for you!” as I was ‘researching’ the sale to write this post. Look what you’ve all reduced me to. Sullied my reputation and made me look like a sexy, sexy shopping addict. You beasts.

Coat, £35 – River Island

 A leopard print coat. So it’s Cruella De Vil’s exotic sister you’re after… Available in sizes 16 and 18


Hat, £5 - River Island


 This’ll keep your ears warm. Or at least make your head look smaller. One size.

Bag, £15 – River Island

Boxy bags work with everything. Even that horrible dress left over from that Halloween party where you and Keith got off with each other.

Blazer, £25 - River Island

So I have a thing for blazers. You just can’t beat a nice bit of good tailoring.  Saville Row it ain’t, but who cares at this price? Sizes 6-18 available.

Now go forth and be bold, minions!

Ok, not minions. But at least fashionistas and well-wishers.





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