My second foray into the depths of Matalan

I recently posted about how I’d never bought anything from Matalan, and had only been to one once. But since this voucher code for 20% off all orders, including sale, I thought why not check it out?

Regular readers (ha!) will know that I was pleasantly surprised by Matalan. A teensy bit more expensive than Primark, Matalan seemed to have upped their game, and do a plus size range too. Wahey!

So I need a dress for a night out. My friend, whose birthday it is on the night, is wearing this beautiful Warehouse dress and I need something that’s a bit posher than your average floral tea dress, whilst not spending above £25. I’ve been looking everywhere (including my failsafe, Tesco) but haven’t found anything. But then I saw this!

Dress, £25 - Matalan

Black with small sleeves – classy. But I always need that bit extra. You girls know what I mean – none of you are wallflowers either. And that little bit of sparkly extra in this case would be the art deco embroidery which transforms it from bland to SCHAMAZING. It’s £25 (but with discount, £20) and available in sizes 8-20.

I got it in a size 18 due to being a Busty Customer – I reckon I’ll need the extra room for the twins – and it’s 100% cotton, so it’s more unyielding than Thatcher’s position on milk for schoolchildren. I’m going to wear it with snakeskin heels and black tights. No, it doesn’t go. No, I don’t care ! I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon, campers.


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