Pick of the Day: Walrus Necklace

Jewellery can get boring, can’t it? So many owl necklaces. So many bird earrings. So many armadillo bracelets.

Ok, I made the last one up. But frankly, someone should make some armadillo bracelets.

Between the lines, what I’m trying to say is that jewellery can get really samey. That’s why it’s nice to find a website that is doing something different. Especially when they have free delivery on everything. Can I get a ‘hell yeah!’?

This walrus is too cute. It actually looks like me when I get out the shower, so I really connect to it.

Look at his lovely walrus smile! And his walrus moustache, which probably hides a multitude of sins (including the time he killed that boy).

I haven’t ordered from Chelsea Doll before, but I doubt it’ll be a long time before I do. I’d love to hear from someone who had ordered from them, though. What are they like? Was delivery fast? Did you find any unexpected surprises in the package, disturbing or otherwise? Let me know. I’m here to help.

Necklace, £14.

Necklace, £14 - Chelsea Doll


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Walrus Necklace

  1. Interesting seeing people’s views on jewellery. I must say I’ve never really noticed a lot of animal ones. Maybe I just dont look… I tend to just spot colours and plastic. Im’ going to find a nice owl necklace now. My new jewellery mission!

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