Style Steal: Marks & Spencers Fringed Leggings

Once in a while, something comes along that screams “You shouldn’t want me!!” For most people, this is Channel 4’s resident sexist, John McCririck. But today, this item is Marks & Spencer’s fringed leggings.

No, wait, don’t turn away! Think how cool these will look with ankle boots, as per the picture of the skinny binny modelling them! They’re black too – so they scream style in an understated way, like a goat in a tuxedo.

The fringing will look cool but unusual – with so many fringed bags around, it will be like a breath of fresh air. Just keep it quite plain on top – the fringing should take centre stage. They come in sizes 6-18, and at a wonderful £19.50, they will leave you change out of a twenty. For maths fans, that means you can buy 50 penny sweets.

And you girls know I’m good for a voucher code. For 15% off M&S for the next two days, visit and simply type the code in at the checkout. Don’t say I never give you anything.

Oh, and just for the record, no – I don’t want John McCririck. I’d rather snort porridge. Through my eyeballs.

Leggings, £19.50 - Marks & Spencer


4 thoughts on “Style Steal: Marks & Spencers Fringed Leggings

  1. I can’t stop snorting with laughter at you snorting porridge through your eyeballs just to send hate waves to the McCririck-ister, Very messy! Like the man himself in fact!!

    Would you wear a neckerchief (red check of course) with the fringed leggings? I think I may …..

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