Pick of the Day: New Looks Animal Print T-Shirt

The air-conditioning is broken in my office. It’s like being in Hell. It’s. So. Damn. Hot. Everyone’s taken off cardigans, jumpers (and in one disturbing case, shoes) and are walking around as if we’re in the desert.

Did I mention we’ve got no water?

Which means the toilets aren’t working.

It’s like being back in Vietnam, man…

So I’ve never been to Vietnam. But when I think about blogging about jumpers and coats, my heart sinks into a dry pit full of heat and despair. I can’t take it today. I’m going to write about summery clothing. And what’s more summery than the humble t-shirt?

I really like New Look’s Inspire range. Being a size 16 myself, I often miss out on their size 18+ range, unless I buy a t-shirt and wear it oversize. Oldskool!

And I really like this t-shirt. The cut-out sleeves add a bit of interest to an otherwise plain style, and the leopard-print piping is unusual. Sure – I can think of better things to put on the front of a t-shirt than a cutesy heart. A shield, perhaps. A koala wearing sunglasses. But the arrows toughen it up and teamed with the leopard print, makes you look like a mysterious hunter with a dodgy past and nothing left to lose.

It’s £14.99, but New Look are currently offering 15% off orders through vouchercodes.co.uk. Yes, minister!

Wear this with a thick cardigan outside, and a bikini if you happen to swing by my office. Bring some water with you, won’t you dear?

Available in sizes 18-26.

T-shirt, £14.99 - New Look


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