Pick of the Day: Evans Hiking Boots

They are not hiking boots. They don’t even come close. If you tried hiking in these, you’ll fall straight on your arse like a drunk mountain goat. But fashion isn’t always practical. Especially when you’re as fashion-forward as my readers! Am I right? Yeah? Yeah?!….. no?

OK, so my ill-timed call-and-response attempt wasn’t well-received, but what are well-received are these lovely black leather boots from Evans. I bought these on Friday and received them yesterday, and they are lovely.  Good quality leather, and the right size (unlike my last purchase form Evans that came up a little small). They were initially hard to get on, but that is because there were so many laces, and I’m a footspaz.

The only thing I’m a bit disappointed about is a lack of grip on the bottom. If you’re going to go this far to make hiking boots, wouldn’t you just go a couple of metres further and give them a chunky base that’ll stop you stacking it in the snow? Apparently this is a bridge too far for Evans. So I guess I’ll be keeping them for milder weather days.

The boots themselves will literally go with everything. I’ve wanted a pair of boots that I can wear with my new red and purple skinnies, and these are it.

The best part? They’re on sale at the moment, so instead of £69.50, they are £55.60! The second best part? You currently get 20% off Evans on orders over £50 here. That takes them down to £45.48 – well worth it!

I’ll let you all know about my first outing in them when I do. For now, I’m going to get back to The Big Bang Theory. Geek chic forever, campers.

Boots, £55.60 - Evans


3 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Evans Hiking Boots

  1. I like the new look of the blog! Very swish.

    Also like the boots. I’m imagining them with something floral, thick grey wool tights and a jacket, and it’s making me very happy.

    Hell yes to The Big Bang Theory!

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