Style Steal of the Day: Tesco’s Striped Jumper

There’s nothing better than lookng like a zebra. Sure, all the other animals in the African plains will be like, “Oh – zebra’s aren’t cool. You want cool, you go talk to Gareth the giraffe. He’s the life and soul, man.” But giraffe’s aren’t cool. They’re clumsy and gangly – a bit like Peter Crouch. Trust me – Zebras (or Zebri if you want the plural*) are fashion-forward.

That is why this jumper oozes grunge chic. Tesco’s Limited Edition range is generally very good quality. And the reviews of this jumper are very good. The black arms will slim down your forearms (or the body’s “Chunky Twigs” as they are scientifically known) and the loose style is the only way to wear a jumper without looking like a sheep. And trust me – sheep are tosspots.

Currently £18, but with Tesco’s uber discount of 25%, this means you can hang out at the watering hole and still have enough to buy yourself a date with the sexiest zebra there.  Just don’t get too close. There are laws against that kind of thing, you know.


Jumper, £18 - Tesco



*Not true


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