What I Bought Yesterday – THE WORLD!

Yep. You heard it here first. I’ve literally bought the world. If you could clear out your desks and hop off, that’d be great. If I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll make you do a nice job for all eternity, like picking fruit. Sure, that sounds awful – but tell that to the guy clipping Andrew Marr’s toenails.
I went to Oxford Street yesterday. Aside from seeing a sausage dog (a story which is rich in emotion and beautiful subtlety, and for another day), I had a wonderful moment in Pull & Bear (if you haven’t been there, imagine if H&M and All Saints had a baby) when I saw this lovely necklace. It’s the world! And it spins. And naturally, I had to have it.
The bow on the necklace isn’t needed at all, but it’s a nice extra – like David Beckham taking off his top and also agreeing not to speak. It’s heavy, but won’t way you down (like one of Michael Barrymore’s secrets) and isn’t too long, which is nice.
At £9.99, ich bin sehr…. erm… happy… with my purchase. What a wonderful world.

Necklace, £9.99 - Pull & Bear






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