Another day, another piece of schamazing jewellery

I think I’m on a jewellery binge, as I have posted two days running about my jewellery purchases. Oh. Em. Gee.

My mum bought me these earrings. She knows I am a shy and retiring sort of person, so of course she thought of me when she saw these small and plain earrings.

They’re wonderfully kitsch, aren’t they? They remind me a little bit of Vegas – or more specifically – that Simpsons episode with the two guys in Vegas with the tiger. Anyone seen it? …No? Or maybe one of my favourite kid’s books, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, where a tiger turns up at a little girls house and ransacks the kitchen. The main character was called Sophie, and I thought it was me. I waited for that tiger for years.

He never came.


Painful childhood memories aside, my mother seems to remember paying £2 for these earrings in Primark – which by anyone’s standards is a bargainator.  They’re quite big, but when something is this kitsch, you might as well go the whole hog and wear it with a leopard print dress. Or get whisker implants. The dress might be easier though. And requires less invasive surgery.

Get these earrings. They’re Gggggreeeaaaat!*

Earrings, £2 - Primark


*You’ll be pleased to know I have now exhausted my cat-pun repertoire.








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