Pick of the Day: Tesco’s Ponte Dress

I’m not even going to pretend this isn’t a boring pick of the day. It is – I’ll be the first to admit it. It’s plain with little detail (like Katie Price’s last novel) – but that doesn’t stop it being a lovely little number (unlike Katie Price’s last novel.)

I always find that the cut of Tesco’s dresses is rather good, and this dress is no exception. At £16 – but with 25% off at the moment – this dress is an absolute steal. That’s £12! Aaaand – if you’re a Tesco clothing whore a la moi, you get £10 off when you spend £40 or more. The sizing is bang on too – I reckon I’ve put on a little bit of weight recently (all those kittens I’ve been eating have gone straight to my thighs) but this dress fits luvverly as it stretches slightly. It comes in both red and black (I bought both colours. Life win!) and I can’t think of anywhere you can’t where them. Birthdays? Yes. Work? Yes. Funerals? Yes. The birth of your best friend’s child? Yes. Sunday roast at the in-laws? Yes. On board the Starship Enterprise? Yes.  The court hearing for that car you stole? Yes. BNP rally? Yes. But I’d prefer if you didn’t go. BNP supporters are dickheads.

There you go. A whole host of events for a dress that cost you £12. And like I said, I have this dress, so it’s been tried and tested in the lab. It comes in sizes 6-22 (hurray!) and the banded cuffs are a nice detail. It may be boring, but damn it – it’s got to be done.

Dress, £16 - Tesco


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