Pick of the Day: River Island’s Jewellery T-Shirt

It’s been a while since I had a good old t-shirt as my Pick of the Day, hasn’t it? But I fear my favourite of all clothing items has got a bit samey of late. Too many bird prints. Too many hearts and stars. Where did all the funny slogans go? Or even a retro ‘Frankie Says Relax’?

You could arge that it’s the wrong time of year to be buying t-shirts – all you can buy at the moment are coats and jumpers. But as I pointed out to the disgruntled sales assistant in New Look the other day, what are you wearing UNDER the jumper? (she gave me a funny look. Blatantly thought I was trying to get a gander up her top.)

I wear t-shirts ALL YEAR ROUND. And then I wear a leather jacket, or a woolly coat, or a hot-dog costume over the top. Thus, I believe t-shirts should be readily available all year. Why the hell not?

And so River Island have come to my rescue with a nice t-shirt. One word: Bling. Two words: Fifteen pounds.  Two more words: Buy me.

This t-shirt reminds me of the work of Gilbert & George (for slow-burners, catch up on your art here.) Jewellery prints have been over-done of late but this amplified print almost seems to be taking the mickey out of itself. I like it. It’s almost self-deprecating. A t-shirt I feel I can relate to *sob*.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or just think that I’m making less sense than Ronaldo presenting Loose Women, then shut up. Because I make plenty of sense. Sense is my middle name. Along with Logic, Sarcastic, and Pickle.

Buy this t-shirt. It’s a cloth of sense and wonder in a continually-darkening world.

£15. Available in sizes 6-18.

T-shirt, £15 - River Island


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