SALE ALERT! Marks & Spencer’s are at it again…

SALE! SALE! Tell the townspeople! Get the pitchforks! Burn the witch!

Phew. Got a bit excited there. Apologies. M&S have a sale on, by the way. Like the numpty that I am, I have missed most of the good stuff (i.e. the jeans) but there’s still a few gems in there.

Take for instance, my good man, this jacket. Woah, there, Marks & Spencers! Do your demographic like geometrics?! More like GERIATRICS! Haha! …..No? Ok. I’ll stop with the borderline offensive jokes just long enough to discuss this fabulous blazer.

You may be wondering, hey, what could I wear with it? What COULDN’T you wear with it!? Maybe hot pink. Can’t really see that going… But otherwise, very versatile. Would look great with black skinnies (now you’re thinking, “Yeah, but what doesn’t?” See!? I’m like Derren Brown!)

There’s loads of great stuff on the website – and don’t forget to check out the Limited Collection. But things are going fast, so maybe pop into your local store. Don’t forget your pitchfork to poke slow-movers out of the way.

As this blazer is a sale item, it won’t be around for long – especially at the grand price of £17 (originally £29.50).

Just don’t wear it near your epileptic uncle. Or M. C. Escher. I reckon he’d find it rather pedestrian.

Available in sizes 8-18.

Blazer, £17 - Marks & Spencer's


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