Scorpion earrings -the catalyst for my new trend… Mwahaha!

Evil chic. It’s the new trend I’m setting.  Have you ever looked at Darth Vader and thought, that’s a look I could rock? Or seen Captain Hook and said to yourself, what a trendy so-and-so? I have. Several times. I have a picture of Jafar from Aladdin taped above my mirror. Just look at the Mafia! Have you ever seen a smarter dressed posse?

I just love evil fashion.

But it’s not all about pirate flags and dragon wings, oh no. That’s not a look you can rock to work. You need to be able to make a subtle nod to the dark side whilst maintaining your composure, like Nick Clegg making a speech about University fees. The God, or maybe perhaps the Devil, is always in the detail.

These are my new earrings. Far too anatomically correct* to be a cutesy reference to astrology, they say “Come and look at my amazing earrings” whilst simultaneously saying, “I’ll rip your eyeballs out if you do.” In other words, the absolute perfect combo.

These are currently in the Topshop sale for £2.50 – which is a price even the Devil said he would pay. But I wouldn’t trust the Devil. He told me he’d never met Margaret Thatcher.

Earrings, £2.50 - Topshop

*Or so I imagine. My days as a brilliant yet maverick zoologist are long behind me.


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