Best of the Sales: Dorothy Perkins

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when my shopping excitement reaches a climax and I finally explode in the middle of the high-street, splattering passers-by with eyes and arms and legs. What a hideous image, and a lovely way to start my ‘Best of the Sales” series.

My thinking is, if I did one massive post regarding all the sales, I’d have nothing to write about for years afterwards. So I’m going to focus on one shop in each. And this way, we can maximise our hand-rubbing skinflintism by investing only in sale items.  Kapeesh?

“Enough with the words, woman. Show us the bargs!” (That’s Skinflint for “bargains”)

Dress, £12 - Dorothy Perkins

This dress is colour-blocking with interest.  The deco detailing on the bust area stops it being too boring, but the length makes it work appropriate (plus your colleagues won’t be able to see what you had for lunch). Available in sizes 12-18. £12.

Shirt, £9.60 - Dorothy Perkins

Keeping with the workplace attire, feast your eyes on this piped shirt. The black PU edging makes it slightly tougher than that shirt you mum bought you from BHS, but it’s still subtle enough that it won’t reveal your secret penchant for hardcore S&M. Did I mention it’s £9.60? Make sure you button it all the way to the top to keep it cool. Available in sizes 12-20.

T-shirt, £10 - Dorothy Perkins

Ooh, I love a bit o’ leather I do. This leather-look t-shirt will keep the RSPCA campaigners at bay whilst looking edgy at night. It’s plain, so you can dress it up with accesories – but don’t overdo it – focus should be on the material and the cut. £10. Available in sizes 6-22.

Umbrella, £5 – Dorothy Perkins

In the interests of diversity, here’s an umbrella – because frankly – fashion is beyond the realms of clothes…

“Dude, that’s deep.”
That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

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