Best of the Sales: ASOS

I was initially going to do this post tomorrow – but there are two very good reasons for me to do it now: 1. I have the day off. 2. By typing in SALE10, you get an EXTRA 10% off sale items – BUT TODAY ONLY! Therefore, I feel it is my public duty to let you all know.

The problem with Asos is sometimes there is actually too much to look at. Obviously, this problem isn’t exactly akin to a broken heater or world hunger, but you can order something, and then immediately go back on and find something you didn’t see. Good job they offer free delivery, I say.

I’ve just ordered this myself. The lace shirt comes in black too, but I think the black looks a bit wintery, and, as you’re more than likely going to wear a black cami under it, the orangey-red makes it pop. Plus the black’s more money, and I’m nothing if not a miser. The shirt also looks amazing with the model’s leather trousers, but then I guess everything looks amazing when you eat carrots and chickpeas all day (no offence, sweetie). Available in sizes 6-18.

Shirt, £14.00 - Asos

Next up is this uber-wonderful fur coat from the Asos Curve selection. As a size 16/18 myself, I am sometimes GUTTED that I cannot buy some of the Asos Curve items – the collection seem to cut out all of the filler and focus on the really necessary or interesting pieces. Look at this jacket! It’s middle name is “Interesting and Necessary” (it had cruel parents). It would look amazing with, erm, I don’t know, just about anything? And it comes with those two little words I enjoy more than anything (apart from maybe “chinese buffet”): HALF PRICE – it’s £40 down from £80. Plus, don’t forget with the discount, it takes it to a very nice £36… No wonder the bird modelling it looks so happy.

Coat, £40 - Asos Curve

 Asos Curve are all about the playsuits recently. This one comes in the normal Asos collection but with an unattractive cut-out bit at the back. Luckily, Asos have realised that the curviest among us don’t always want to be in a burlesque show, and have put an extra panel in. Hallelujah! I’m not entirely sold on the split sleeves, but there seems to be enough fabric to be able to sew it up yourself if you’re arm-conscious. Available in sizes 20-26.

Playsuit, £17.50 - Asos

Mustard is my favourite condiment. I like the colour, I like the name, it tastes great with sausages and I had a thing with Colonel Mustard back in the 80’s. Oh, they were good times. And you’ll be having good times in these jeans. Just look at them! They look absolutely amazing teamed solely with black – and they are only £19!!! Oh, just buy them already.

Don’t forget to use your 10% discount, campers.

Jeans, £19 - Asos Curve


5 thoughts on “Best of the Sales: ASOS

  1. I have such a struggle with yellow jeans. I REALLY want some, and on numerous occasions have got almost all the way to the till with them, but something in the back of my mind then tells me that my arse + yellow jeans would make me look like the back end of a bus. Arghhh. But I want them so much!

    How come the plus size ASOS models look lovely and happy, whereas the normal size (blech, I don’t know how to phrase it) always look so bloody miserable?

    • I think you should do it. If not now, when?! I’ve got bright red and purple ones. They look great (but I always team with black – not brave enough for all over colour)

      I get what you mean about the Asos models. And sometimes (not often, but sometimes) clothes just look better on someone who can fill them, or have breasts to hold them up!

      • I have burgundy jeans, and recently acquired some ridiculous turquoise ones, but yellow seems to be the colour that scares me. I’ll be brave enough one day!

        Too true!

      • ‘clothes just look better on someone who can fill them, or have breasts to hold them up!’ I totally agree with this, especially on wedding dresses. I’ve seen wedding dress runway shows (don’t ask me why, i have no idea) and the dresses meant to suck in the waist and push up the boobs look a bit odd on the seriously skinny models xx

      • They do catwalk wedding dresses? I suppose they do – it’s not something I’ve ever thought about! I have, however, thought about my own wedding dress – it just can’t be sleeveless! I’ll have to go Middleton-stylee :)

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