Best of the Sales: Evans

My next guest on “Best of the Sales” is long-time listener, Evans. Evans, champion of the underdog and purveyor of plus-size treasure, currently have a sale on. To be fair, the sale is nearing it’s end – but that doesn’t excuse the fact that exciting pieces are thin on the ground – there’s plenty of items in the sale still but they’d look more at home in my gran’s wardrobe than on me at a club. Psh. What’s gone on, Evans? Did you get out the wrong side of bed? Did you lose your job? Has that nasty rash come back?

Still, being a fashion genius, I managed to scrape together this duo. Some would say I made a phoenix from the ashes. Others would tell me to get on with it.

So, here we are. I have this top (so you know it’s good). It’s basically a black-shredded wheat, without the dryness and creepy granny-inspired advertisement. Originally overpriced at £34, this short tunic is now £15. It’s quite thin material, and doesn’t always cover my bum (especially when I’m bent over panning for gold), but for the current price, it’s a winner. Available in sizes 16 and 20.

Tunic, £15 – Evans
Next passenger on the fun train is this bright Angel Eye “kimono”. I think the name “kimono” is pushing it a bit, which is why I keep writing the word in quotation marks. Like when I say Kelly Brook is an “actress”.
It’s fun, it’s bright and I like the cute gold belt which will keep you nipped in at the waist, whilst the surplus material will skim your problem areas. It reminds me of one of those old-school gypsy caravans, with the floral patterns painted on the outside. Anyone?
Available in sizes 14/16 – 22/24.

"Kimono", £20 - Evans

As I have said above, there’s quantity in Evans current sale but not so much of the quality. The basics are all covered, but is that really enough? Maybe the Arcadia administration rumours have taken it’s toll on the company. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t be arsed to do this post at the start of the sale. Either way, it’s a grade C from me.  
Evans must do better next term.

3 thoughts on “Best of the Sales: Evans

  1. I’m now convinced that Evans is going down the pan, as I went into my local branch today and it is literally half the size it was the last time I went in. I don’t know what happened. I went in and tried to turn left and there was a wall in front of me there was once, well, the other half of the shop. Also all the alarms kept going off and the staff looked confused. There were no nice clothes in there either, though I guess only having half a shop might have an effect on the quality of the stock.

    • Sounds almost apocalyptic! The Evans in Bromley shut down, and re-opened in the basement of Dorothy Perkins. Along with being extremely small, there’s a down escalator but you have to walk up the stairs to get back up, which puts a lot of potential customers off as the accessibility is pants. I’m inclined to agree – Evans is in trouble.

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