Pick of the Day: George at Asda’s Versace-esque Dress

Since the Versace/H&M dream team started joining forces, the high streets gone crazy for 80’s/90’s scarf prints. It’s a lovely trend (brilliantly dubbed “baroque decadence” – also, great name for a glam rock band I reckon) but it may be a short-lived re-emergence, as so many trends are.

So, you want to work it but not spend too much money? Well, traveller, you’ve come to the right inn. I’ve found the perfect way to work the look but not break the bank. How? Where?

Feast your eyes on this!

Dress, £12 - George at Asda

Oh yes – a mainly black palette with lighter panels. It looks like a boozy billionaire’s take on colour blocking. And it’s £12! Cost per wear, you’d only have to wear it a couple of times to make it worth your while. Afterwards, you could throw it out the window to the commoners.

I’ve already bought myself one. This dress won’t hang around, and, in a genuinely-wonderful way, Asda have made this in sizes 8-24. Hurray! Now we can all go out together, burning money and throwing pearls and diamonds at people as they hold out their wicker baskets.

Oh, girls! It’s the temporary but glorious uprising of baroque decadence!


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