Style Steal: Ann Harvey Contrast Collar Blazer

It’s always nice when you find something interesting in an unexpected place, like a fiver in your bra, or an antelope at your aunt’s wedding. Today I have had this pleasure, having seen this rather lovely contrast blazer in the Ann Harvey sale.

Ann Harvey (the go-to destination for the mature ladies who have unanimously decided that black-patterned gypsy tunics are the only thing they are going to wear until death finally takes them) has gone all trendy on us. Skinny jeans? Blazers? It’s like they’ve had a reverse lobotomy. A Ymotobol (pronounced ye-moto-bowl).

I saw this blazer a few months back but, at the time, it was a rather hefty £85. Only the kids from Made In Chelsea can afford that, and it would probably take 5 or 6 of them to fill a size 18. But now… oh, the God’s of Time have decided that this particular blazer’s heyday is behind it.

Which is good for us, because BLAZERS WILL NEVER DIE.

This will still look great this Spring. Black and white is a no-brainer. Monochrome is, like it’s comrades Monopoly and Monogamy, always in fashion. It will go with everything.

So, instead of 8,500 pennies, this will only cost you 2,550 pennies. That’s a lot of pennies spare which you could use for penny sweets, or that 2p machine in seaside arcades where there’s always an iPod dangling  precariously over the ledge but you never quite get it…

One day…

Until your 2p iPod days come to fruition, you can live in this blazer. Well done, Ann Harvey. Just don’t fall back into your old ways…

Available in sizes 16 and 18, and size 22 if buying through the Debenham’s website.

Blazer, £25.50 - Ann Harvey


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