Spring in a shoe: Evan’s Pink Flower Platforms

The words “Pink”, “flower” and “Platforms” should never usually go together unless you’re listing the things you used to kill one member of Jedward. And it probably didn’t work. Because their incessant brand of twin pop is still offending my ear drums. Bah.

Anyway, as I have said, these words are inherently wrong when grouped together. They remind me of when I was eight-years-old, at the height of my Spice Girls fandom and running around wearing pink t-shirts and clutching pictures of Sporty Spice (she was my favourite… although God only knows why, as I’d rather tear off my ears than run for a bus.)

Pink? No. Flower? Only on a nice tea dress or in my garden. Platform? Only if you’re giving me a platform to express my distaste for TFL. But all this… in a shoe?!?!?!?! Surely not?!?!?!?!



Yes. This shoe does exist. It isn’t as mythical as Mariah Carey’s singing abilities. Behold!

Shoes, £35 – Evans

Frankly, it’s about time Evans pulled something out of the bag. They’ve been skiving on style and submitting designs akin to my final year essays at University, where I’d drink two bottles of wine a day and then bang out some old todge about poetry at 3am. Really, they haven’t been trying hard enough. 

But at least these shoes go some way to banishing the January blues. They’re bright, they’re cute and girls, it’s almost Spring.

Please leave a comment. If not, I might hunt you down.

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