Pick of the day: Asos Lace Dress

Do you know what material I’m glad was invented? Lace. Not only does it look snazzy on dresses and is an acceptable way to have arms on a wedding dress (just ask K Middy) – it also keeps nosy neighbours from peering in and seeing you do your Davina workout DVD. Talk about adaptable!

We’ve had oodles of lace though. It’s been with us for so many seasons now, and sometimes you need something that looks a little more fresh.

You could do a Gaga and splatter intestines over yourself, or alternatively, if you’re a vegetarian, you could go for Asos’ cute colour clash.

The other nice thing about lace is that it very rarely looks trampy (if you exclude the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding cast, that is). It looks prim and sexy simultaneously, which has only been seen before on the secretary. This dress comes in two gorgeous colour combos – I could hardly make up my mind which to get! I went for blue and green in case you’re wondering. I just really want to be a mermaid.

It’s in the sale too , and at the moment, Asos are offering 10% off sale items. That makes it £18. You’d pay that in Pizza Express for a pizza and a glass of wine! Do me a favour – starve yourself of pizza and become a mermaid instead. On the downside, you’ll have to wear a bra made of shells. On the upside, you’re a FRIGGIN’ MERMAID.

Available in sizes 6-18.

Dress, £20 - Asos


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