Marks and Spencer’s ‘Plus’ Range

Since when did Marks and Spencer start doing a plus size range? They must not have included me in their memo. Thanks, arseholes!

Anyway, brash offense aside, I’ve been perusing the digital realms of the new Plus range on Marks’ website. I have to say, given M&S’s target market, that I am pleasantly surprised.

Plus seems to cover sizes 20-28, which is more sizes than most outlets offer. Good times! Traditionally, everyone knows Marks is a bit fuddy duddy, but in the last few years they’ve split their clothes into separate sections to make Per Una, Classic, Indigo, Autograph, M&S Woman and my personal fave, Limited. This was certainly a good thing for the company, which threw off some of it’s ‘ageing comfort’ image and introduced sexy people, like Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who walk wistfully around the city, barely looking at each other lest they shatter into a frenzy of sexiness.

Campaign for Autograph Spring/Summer collection.

But anyway, my point is, knowing M&S’s demographic, you can’t blame them for playing it safe with their Plus range. They don’t have the freedom that Asos Curve have, for example, and if they started doing size 28 neon leggings, someone would suffer an epileptic fit.

All in all, the patterns are unsurprisingly and the cuts expected. But take a look at this star print dress. It’s nothing to write home about, but surely it means they are moving in the right direction?  And it would probably look cute if you’re planning a foray into space.

Dress, £35 - Marks and Spencer

Hopefully, they’ll expand the selection and cater for everyone, from the Limited Collection lovers to the Classic lovers. Soon,  we’ll all be one happy M&S family at one big piss-up, with Ryan Reynolds serving vol-au-vents, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pouting quietly in the corner and Lisa Snowdon doing the robot on the table.


One thought on “Marks and Spencer’s ‘Plus’ Range

  1. I always love your posts! I don’t know how i missed this one though, especially with Ryan Reynolds. I think i drooled a little. Nice review on m&s, i am intrigued and will have to do a bit of snooping myself! :) xx

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