Clarks Shoe Blow-Out

It’s official. I am now poor. I have gone shoe mad. It’s a long and arduous story, which starts somewhere in the abyss of the high-street and involves a plucky yet surprisingly world-weary girl. Let us begin…

I have great trouble finding the right shoes – I have wide flippers that are basically made of paper, and anything less than a well-made shoe tears them up like Lewis Hamilton tears up Silverstone. In the last few years, I have made Evans my shoe home, as they make fantastic boots all in the widest fit known to man. But their pumps leave a lot to be desired.

So, at the end of a weary shoe journey, I decided to re-visit the Great British institution and Gran’s favourite, Clarks. I haven’t been into a Clarks in years, but I thought, hey, even Leslie Grantham was given a second chance, so why not Clarks?

Boy, was I surprised. Row upon row of gorgeous and wide-fitting shoes! All leather. All under £60. I wanted everything.

So I bought everything.

Well, not quite everything.

Only six pairs.




Ok, Ok…. before you judge, I have to show you them all and offer you the relentless logic that led me onto this ridiculous path.

First up, the ivory brogues.

Brogues, £49.99 - Clarks

Oh, they’re so cute. Made of soft leather, these will go with summer dresses. Summer dresses!!! These reminded me of spring, and are very comfy indeed. They’re my first ever pair of brogues, and to them my heart will always belong.

Next up, Liberty’s finest.

Heels, £54.99 - Clarks

I think these are gorgeous. The heel size is absolutely perfect for a shoe spaz such as me, and the Liberty-designed material inside makes them très luxurious. The ribbon is really sweet, but Clarks anticipate the ribbon-haters, and provide a pair of blue laces too, just in case you want a different look. How thoughtful! These are also lovely and soft inside. Finally, a pair of glorious heels that I can actually walk in!

In fact, I liked them so much that I also brought….. the flat pair.

Flats, £49.99 - Clarks

These are perfect for dressy outfits when you can’t be arsed with heels. And who can?

Right. Prepare to meet Brogues v.2.

Brogues, £49.99 - Clarks

These are so soft to wear, and I felt I needed a shoe to counteract the ivory of the first ones. I can wear these to work with a skirt, or with a dress. Or with skinny jeans. Ha.Lle. Lu. Jah.

Heels no. 2……….

Heels, £54.99 - Clarks

When something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. These heels are no way as exciting as their blue brothers, but they still look cute on and will go with more stuff. Plus, you could always replace the ribbon with something more jazzy. Black and white, maybe? Or purple? Ooooh.

Last, but not least….

Pumps, £39.99 - Clarks

Sporty pumps! These are plain enough to wear in summer with dresses or shorts, but floral enough not to be a right snore-fest. They also make my feet look tiny. Score!

All of the shoes here, save the last white pumps, are available in wide fitting (I went for 6 and a half E). The pumps I got in a 7 as there was no wide fitting, and they still fit ok.

So, in short, Clarks have really upped their game. Of course, they still maintained the horrible (yet necessary) granny styles because that’s what’s required of them. But the designs of these shoes really are excellent. And there are more lovely ones in store. Look at these wonderful ochre heels for example. I think what I’ve been most impressed with is that Clarks have thought of comfort AND style, rather than one or the other. They care about the wearability (new word!), but the shoes also make you feel good.

Overall, it’s been a long yet worthwhile discovery.

As you can see, I have zero monies left. But as least I’ll die a stylish pauper, right? Riiiight?


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