Evans Rant-O-Rama

I haven’t posted for a few days… I think my brain is still recovering from my six-pair shoe blow-out. That was a bit reckless, wasn’t it? But dammit – I look stylish!

Anyway, my post today is going to be a bit of a rant, I’m afraid. A rant about our old friend, Evans.

I’m not even sure where to begin, because looking through their current offerings, there are only a few pieces that even momentarily draw my attention – and they’re all in the ominously titled “Collection”.

Dress, £85 - Evans

This dress is one of the best things on the site at the moment – the one glimmer of hope in an abyss of geometic flowers and elasticated gypsy tops. And it will only set you back a measley £85. Why not get two?!

Everything else on the webesite is the epitomy of everything that curvy women hate. No, larger patterns don’t make us look smaller. They just give people on the street migraines. And no, no-one wants white wide-leg crinkle trousers. The name sounds like a dish from Masterchef, and the product is hideous as well as unflattering to EVERYONE.

I’m afraid, bearing all of this in mind, I won’t go into Evans again for the forseeable future, or at least when someone tells me they have changed their designs or released an exciting collaboration. Before, I was sutured to them in that they were my sole (gettit?) shoe provider. But now I have Clarks (which are better fitting, better designed and infinitely better quality). I no longer need Evans for it’s questionable designs and half-hearted output.

This has been a long-time coming, and I think Evans can no longer monopolise the plus-size highstreet market, and, as with anything in this world, you need to continually evolve to stay alive. Evans has not evolved with other plus-size destinations, and I’m sad to say that today, Evans, you have lost a very loyal customer indeed.

I’m sure we’ll meet again in the future – but until then, have a nice life.


4 thoughts on “Evans Rant-O-Rama

  1. Oh, I do actually partly agree…its such a shame to see all the affordable pieces in Evans solely cater for their ‘core customers’, which means we’ll be seeing safe pieces from here to eternity…

    But I think that they’re missing a trick, really. Now, I got sooo excited by the last Collection, and if the quality had matched the pictures, then I’d happily have parted with a little bit more cash for something that would last a long time. Being that as a fat woman I’m actually a little sick of disposable fashion and dream of a capsule wardrobe. But it didnt, and thus with the last one and probably this one too, I’ll be keeping my pennies in my pocket.

    My only hopes for Evans is their collaboration with Clements Riberio….please dont screw that up, Evans!

    • Thanks for your comment :) When’s that collaboration meant to happen? Maybe they’re producing crap planning to come back with a bang? Either way, I’m tired of them. I got a 50% off sale email just now – didn’t even bother looking.

      When you’ve got Marks and Spencer, Asos Curve, Dorothy Perkins etc etc, why would Evans get a look in? Especially at their current prices!

  2. I unfortunately have to agree. Evans is great for the basics but isn’t very daring, ive only found 1 dress in Evans that i was in love with and i still wear it to interviews/anything dressy. That dress is gorgeous but at £85 there’s no way i’ll be buying it. So sad :) xx

    • Oh, I’ve got lots of stuff from Evans in the past… they had a golden era in which they were producing stuff for the entire customer spectrum! Have you been in there recently? Bleugh.

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