And end to the Radio Silence

Bloody hell. Talk about all quiet on the Western Front. I’ve been off radar for a month, starting a new job and alienating myself from society. Overall, it’s been lovely.

For this, I apologise. But this also means that I have an absolute pig of a backlog of things to review. I’ve gone bananas with spending recently, so you can all rest easy safe in the knowledge that I will have plenty of things to babble on about  in the coming weeks.

Pigs…bananas…radars… this post is thus far cliché-tastic, isn’t it?

May as well start as I mean to go on…

And so, just as Jim Davidson has somehow revived his stand-up career, I have risen from the ashes with a review of this wonderful jersey blazer from George at Asda. Isn’t it startling?!

Blazer, £14 – George at Asda

Florals on a dark background are wonderful for us buxom sisters as they mute down an otherwise gut-busting pattern. The fact that the seflorals are bigger than-your-average-bear is also a plus – tiny patterns can sometimes make a curvier figure look like Godzilla on holiday. The jersey also means that no ironing/coat-hangering is required, and, trust me, it fits perfectly over the twins.

Overall, it’s comfy, stylish and loud – three of the most important things, I think you’ll agree. Oh, but wait, I hear something… It’s my bank manager, asking how many pennies this little number has cost me….

It’s only £14, kids.

That doesn’t even buy you a nice joint of beef these days.

Well, maybe not in Waitrose, anyway.

The blazers available in sizes 8-24, but, at the time of writing, it was selling as fast as Tulisa’s home video, so get yer skates on.

More reviews to come soon. Please stay tuned :)


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