BigBoldFashion’s 1st Ever COMPETITION!

‘Competition’. The word screams Olympics and sweaty men to me.

But put that aside for now.

Because we’re actually running a competition! To win something!


The prize today is a Baggu bag! Baggu Bags are a simple and effective design – they fold up really small and are made of fabric strong enough to carry the entire contents of your wardrobe! (May be a slight exaggeration…)

There are loads of colours to choose from too. Oooooo!

To enter, simply post an answer to the question below:

What’s your favorite color and type of bag to wear with ladies dresses this summer?

(Personally, I like cross-body style, and ANYTHING but black :D)

I’ll then pick my favourite answer next week (on Tuesday 19th June) and the winner gets a Baggu bag!

Get posting! :)


4 thoughts on “BigBoldFashion’s 1st Ever COMPETITION!

  1. My fave colour is aqua blue and i find the easiest bag to wear is a cross body style altho with dresses maybe a small shoulder bag would look better, like at a wedding. :-)
    BTW – you do make me larf :-) :-) :-)

  2. Lucylastica2, I’ve decided your answer is the best :) congratulations, you win a bag! Maybe it’ll brighten up these cloudy days….

    Thanks to you other guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to run more competitions in the near future :)

    Lucylastica2, can you please email me you home address to Thanks :)

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