You’re trash!

Today I want to talk about Trashy Doll ( I’ve ordered a few things from them in the past, which have always been really cute and different.

I think the thing I like about Trashy Doll is that it’s not afraid to have a sense of humour. Why should jewellery be bland?!

Necklace – £6, Trashy Doll

How great is this Circus Freak necklace? On the right side of kitsch, this would really suit you – probably because your face belongs in a circus.

I recently contacted Jodie at Trashy Doll regarding two bracelets I wanted for my friend’s birthday. My friend likes beaded bracelets and is one of those people who ALWAYS has something on her wrists (you know the kind of person… the ones who are still wearing Isle of Wight and V Festival wrists bands ten years after they went. And they never wash their wrists. Get over yourself! Take off that stupid wristband! Everyone’s been to a festival! It’s not like you were in Alcatraz or anything!)

Anyway, wrist-band-douchebags aside, my friend loves bracelets. And so I ordered two bracelets from Trashy Doll’s website. Trashy Doll do loads of great pieces that look like real sweets (see what I mean here) and I spotted a lovely dolly mixture bracelet which my friend would love, along with another which had cute miniature fruit beads.

I also saw that the website offers to make bracelets bigger or smaller depending on what you need. I asked if she could make them both slightly bigger for my friend – she did this at no extra cost and was really helpful :)

And here they are! Sorry about the lame background. I had the builders in and the only thing not covered in plaster and rubble was my retro sofa.

Dolly mixture bracelet – £6; Fruit salad bracelet – £4.95, both

Aren’t they cute? Even though I liked the website and had ordered before, I was really surprised at how willing Jodie was to adapt her pieces to suit my needs.

So, if you fancy going to a jewellery website that’s a little different and with great customer service, check it out! :)


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