The Neverending Search for the Perfect Christmas Dress

The title reads just like a fairy-tale doesn’t it? Well, it might as bloody well be. Finding a dress to wear to the work Christmas party is as about easy to find as a Dodo Cocktail.

Believe it or not, I don’t want to spend £150 just so Jim from H.R. can spill red wine all over me which trying to do the macarena. I want cheap, I want cheerful. I want pretty.

So my first choice was this:

Dress, £20 - George at Asda

Dress, £20 – George at Asda

But to be honest, the V-Neck doesn’t really suit me. I’m a round neck if nothing else. Plus, the sizing has come up small. I’m having to buy one size larger than my usual! That, or I’ve piled on a few pounds after eating that curry last night.

Second choice was this:

Dress, £24.50 - Dorothy Perkins

Dress, £24.50 – Dorothy Perkins

But, quite frankly, it looked…… how to put it nicely? Boring as hell. It looked like I was off to the morgue rather than a work Christmas do.

Time is running out, you see. The Christmas party is THIS FRIDAY! Put simply, I’m f***ed.

But all superheroes have a back-up plan, campers. Mine is a skirt and top combo that looks like a dress.


Top, £20 - Dorothy Perkins

Top, £20 – Dorothy Perkins

This top is a measly £20 right now in the Dorothy Perkins partywear offer. Teamed with a lace skirt I bought in Marks & Spencer ages ago, it might just work…

Skirt, £35 - Marks & Spencer

Skirt, £35 – Marks & Spencer

What do you think? Am I screwed? Answers on a postcard sent to BigBoldFashion, Screwedville.


Please leave a comment. If not, I might hunt you down.

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