About me

My name is Sophie and I live in South-East London.

I’m a certified shopoholic and this blog will be a way to get my fashion fix without having to spend any money. It hasn’t worked so far.

I’m generally a size 18  and I have been as long as I can remember. I’ve never seen the skinny side of life, and naturally envy those who do. But I also envy rock stars. And everyone in The OC. And strangely, Helen Mirren.

I’m 23 years old and I currently work somewhere in the abyss of London’s financial sector (not learning how to look after my own cash). I also love literature, films, comedy and when I was young, I wanted to be a lollipop lady.

This is a picture of me on a train – before I realised I was going the wrong way.

On a train. Looking foxy.


One thought on “About me

  1. Interesting blog

    One thing i’ve noticed recently which might be of interest; It is literally impossible to buy size 9-11 socks in John Lewis. I mean, they simply don’t make them!

    We’re not all ginger giants with clown feet you know Mr Lewis!!


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