And end to the Radio Silence

Bloody hell. Talk about all quiet on the Western Front. I’ve been off radar for a month, starting a new job and alienating myself from society. Overall, it’s been lovely. For this, I apologise. But this also means that I have an absolute pig of a backlog of things to review. I’ve gone bananas with […]

SALE ALERT! Marks & Spencer’s are at it again…

SALE! SALE! Tell the townspeople! Get the pitchforks! Burn the witch! Phew. Got a bit excited there. Apologies. M&S have a sale on, by the way. Like the numpty that I am, I have missed most of the good stuff (i.e. the jeans) but there’s still a few gems in there. Take for instance, my […]

Hide your credit card…. River Island Got a Sale going on…

  Oh, damn. Just when I thought my bank balance could take a well-earned rest, I decided to log onto In an effort to bankrupt the rest of you and salvage what’s left of the shrapnel in my purse, can I tempt you into buying any of the below? Have a look. There’s coats, […]

What I bought yesterday….

I went bananas yesterday. I literally bought everything in the world. I bought THE world. And everyone in it. You all now belong to me. But whilst we wait for my first-in-command (who happens to be Hugh Jackman. You didn’t think I’d pick someone normal looking, did you?!) to come up with menial chores for you […]