You’re trash!

Today I want to talk about Trashy Doll ( I’ve ordered a few things from them in the past, which have always been really cute and different. I think the thing I like about Trashy Doll is that it’s not afraid to have a sense of humour. Why should jewellery be bland?! How great is […]

Scorpion earrings -the catalyst for my new trend… Mwahaha!

Evil chic. It’s the new trend I’m setting.  Have you ever looked at Darth Vader and thought, that’s a look I could rock? Or seen Captain Hook and said to yourself, what a trendy so-and-so? I have. Several times. I have a picture of Jafar from Aladdin taped above my mirror. Just look at the […]

Another day, another piece of schamazing jewellery

I think I’m on a jewellery binge, as I have posted two days running about my jewellery purchases. Oh. Em. Gee. My mum bought me these earrings. She knows I am a shy and retiring sort of person, so of course she thought of me when she saw these small and plain earrings. They’re wonderfully […]

What I Bought Yesterday – THE WORLD!

Yep. You heard it here first. I’ve literally bought the world. If you could clear out your desks and hop off, that’d be great. If I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll make you do a nice job for all eternity, like picking fruit. Sure, that sounds awful – but tell that to the guy […]