You’re trash!

Today I want to talk about Trashy Doll ( I’ve ordered a few things from them in the past, which have always been really cute and different. I think the thing I like about Trashy Doll is that it’s not afraid to have a sense of humour. Why should jewellery be bland?! How great is […]

The tale of the Clements Ribeiro Matchstick trousers… and even more jewellery…

So I did end up getting the Clements Ribeiro trousers. Remember I said I would? I did it, bitches! But I ordered a 16 and an 18… I needn’t had bothered, because the waist was elasticated and would have fit anyway. So, the 16 was ok waist-wise, but they were baggy in the legs. Also, […]

Pick of the Day: Walrus Necklace

Jewellery can get boring, can’t it? So many owl necklaces. So many bird earrings. So many armadillo bracelets. Ok, I made the last one up. But frankly, someone should make some armadillo bracelets. Between the lines, what I’m trying to say is that jewellery can get really samey. That’s why it’s nice to find a website […]